Tuesday, February 10, 2015


 This Fri-Sunday (FEB 13-15)  I am at FLEX SPAS in CLEVELAND. I will be doing a special show SATURDAY NIGHT. Hope to see you there.


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The New Years EURO TRIP

I thoroughly believe in how you begin the new year is how the rest of it will go so being in the right environment was a priority. In years past I split New Years Eve between my family and Jeff. This year I opted for something different. I went to Europe. I really needed my Daddies. Marc (GingerDaddy) and Uday (Daddy) are the the ones I met in Toronto. They took me in and made me one of their boys/sons. They are the gay dads every young(ish) homo needs. They are sweet, listen and offer great advice. Knowing how shitty my year had been they told me to come and spend time with them in London. It was good timing because I had left my job and I needed a change of scenery. Plus I could shoot and do some work in Europe.

After I booked my flight my Daddies had surprise. For New Years we are going to Belgrade. Belgrade? BELGRADE?! " What is there to do in Belgrade?"

Daddy, "Hot Serbian men"

"Well I'm sold"

So after I flew there I landed and got great cuddles and Daddy Love. We had dinner and hung with some of their friends and waited on my new Little Brother, Scruffy to show up (he's in school in the south). The next day the 4 of us flew Air Serbia (which was actually nice).  We had a great dinner with friends and then went to the premiere gay in Belgrade, PLEASURES. So as a porn actor and overall slut I'm used to getting attention but this was a new situation. THESE MEN STARED! When Daddy, Scruffy and I entered the club it was like music scratched. Heads turned. I found out they rarely get men of color in Belgrade especially black men. We were treated like rock stars in the club. People wanting to talk to us (and more). My scruff got 30 messages in the first hour of us in the club. It was like shooting big beefy muscle fish in a barrel. What a great way to start the new year! After the first day we stayed more to learn about the people (read men) and culture. I would definitely go back. Just in the summer because it was cold as FAWK.

After Belgrade I prepared for my live shows in Venice at JuiceBerry. JuiceBerry is a bar and bathhouse combined. Its really cool because it most of the area is open and it makes you interact with the other people. Plus I got to make out with one of the bartenders. He really helped me get prepared for my show. Also the music was amazing. That is one of my favorite things about being in Europe they have the best music ever. I end up downloading so much.

After Venice I returned to London to spend my last week with my Euro family. There was also three scenes to shoot. On Thursday I shot for AlphaMales with Scott Hunter. Scott and I have known each other for almost two years flirting on twitter and in real life at Hustlaball London last year. Unfortunately we have never been able to to work together until then. I'm not going to give anything away but I will say we had great chemistry. I wish I could of taken him home after the shoot. Thanks AlphaMales. The next day I took the train to Manchester to shoot for UKHOTJOCKS. Friday I shot a really easy and fun solo. The great thing about UKHOTJOCKS is that its ran and directed by two performers, JP Dubois & Sam Barclay. The next day was what I was waiting for. I got to shoot with with Wade Steel. He's a big beefy tattooed muscle dude. Holy fuck its like porn gods were answering my prayers in Europe. Again not going to reveal the scene but holy fuck its hot and I can't wait for it to come out.

After the scene we flew me back to the train station to enjoy my last Saturday with the Family in London. We went to the very popular and HardOn Party. It definitely did not disappoint especially when I got to meet and fuck my porn crush there. A great way to end my trip. After that we continued on with my going away after party. That led to another after party that ended Sunday afternoon. Euros know how party and make you feel loved. Monday morning I headed to the airport at 8 am to fly at 10:10. Again the car service screwed me over giving me the slowest driver in the world. We got there at 9:25 (it should have taken 40 mins max). Needless to say I missed my flight and had to reschedule for the. I got to spend more time with the Family.

This trip was an amazing way to start the year. I got to experience many first and spend time with people who love me. Not a bad way to start the year.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Folsom 2014


In a season of epic traveling Folsom 2014 was definitely not a disappointment.


After landing and seeing a friend at Powerhouse (my favorite SF bar) I headed to another's friends house to stay with him. That night was fun...alot of fun. Sweaty fun. Cum fun. Plus I learned about the guy which made him even more attractive.


Daddy B (remember him) picked me up and we had brunch then the gym. One of my favorite things about the visiting San Fran is going to the Gold's Soma (now Fitness SF: Soma). Besides the great space and machines the vibe (read men) is amazing. You know how Lindsey Lohan compares the mall to the watering hole, thats how the gym is. Muscle men half naked building up a sweat, all horny and ready to go. After pumping up ourselves,  Daddy B pumped his cock into me in my room.

That night Oliver, his boyfriend Steven and my roommate for the weekend Michael & I decided to go to the Recon Party. It was a lot fun with the boys dancing and seeing men. Then we went to Beat Box to see some guys. I banged Michael that night.


Mr. S for more stuff. The gym and then the Big Muscle Party.  Its one of my favorite parties because it so much fun. The men are friendly and the music is great. Also its the first day generally everybody is in town and out to have some fun. After making out with most of my puppy brothers and their daddies we had a group experience. That lead me into the Falcon/Raging Stallion Party and then Magnitude where me and Tyler Rush met with some of other brothers.

Aftershock followed and I didn't get in the room until 7am and slept until well into the afternoon.

*Sidenote: Me and another porn star ended up flip-flopping in the bathroom at Aftershock until I came all over his face.

Sunday: The FAAAIIIIRRRRRR. At the Fair went to Leo Forte's Above the Hole Party. I really enjoyed the atmosphere especially. Everyone is so chill and fun. It was certainly a spot I will visit again.

That night I went to Real Bad. The only thing that sucked about it was my whole pack wasn't there. Its extremely hard tofile:///Users/joelrobinson/Desktop/IMG_0436.JPG get tickets and some couldn't so the last night we were divided. It would've been great to end the night with everybody together. I did have enjoy myself thoroughly. Daddy B was there with beautiful black Daddy and this puppy tail wagged in excitement. After blowing them both they both fucked me and I fucked them and making many chains (I got to be the red gummy). Later that night I joined my hasbro at his after party. ;-)

That was my Folsom. I believe it was the best one because


“New Year, New Me!” We hear that cliche at the end of every year. Everyone claims that the next year will be different. This is a bullshit thought when we never actually initiate making ourselves better. 2014 did bring alot of changes in my life and they seem to continue. 2015 will be keeping the tradition and I can't wait to see what it brings.


2014 was a year of great body. While for most of 2013 I looked pretty decent I did falter with my body. There were some scenes I looked less than spectacular. 2014 though, I served BODY, steaming fresh from kitchen. My scenes, Black Party and IML showed I can give you (part of) the size I want with the definition I had in 2012. It continued at World Pride and FOLSOM. I put in a lot of work in the gym and ate clean. This was harder this year because a big part of my support system was gone. Jeff and I broke up and it did take affect on what I did. Not only were we partners but we lifted together and cooked together. Having someone to do it all with made it a lot easier. With that gone I had change my plan of action. I also didn’t feel like eating or working out. 2015 I really want to make my body a priority. Guys like Rogan Richards, Race Cooper and Samuel Colt are big inspirations. I want to put on a lot of muscle then get ripped. As a black model I know I have to be better than the rest. When everyone else can be an 8 I have to be an 11. I have an uphill battle. Even though it’s “just porn” it’s important to me. As I said before I saw few black porn stars growing up. I want to help it be more visible.


The man that collared me, the one that I thought I would marry and I ended our relationship. If you have read my twitter, this blog or seen me at any event you most likely have seen “Daddy”. Well many strains and difference in priorities caused us to separate. While still love each other very much but we can no longer provide what the other one needs us. We talk everyday and we lift but we know our relationship is better off as friends (and the occasional fuck, I still can’t resist that ass and 9” thickness). It has been a hard and rough road but great friends who became family helped me through it.

My brothers not only grew in numbers but relationship strength. While they all have always been great friends something changed. I have a hard time really opening up. I will let friends get only so close. I think a big part of it has to do my parents. They are the ones everyone come (add “s”) too. They are extremely strong. I wanted to emulate them. This year I opened up and let my pup brothers in and really love me. Alek my Alpha has been instrumental. Whenever I needed someone to cry to or needed advice he was there for me. He is truly a big brother. He has had my back and I will always love him for that. Oliver has changed my life. We met with what was suppose to a one night stand and instantly connected. He is my brother who like Alek I wouldn’t hesitate for. I can call him when I am feeling down and he knows what to say to bring me back up. Oliver encouraged his Daddies to take me. Adding me to his family was the best thing that happened to me. Marc & Uday are phenomenal and my life is better with them in it. To have a family that cares so much means the world to me. Doing porn and being gay allowed me to make my family. I have been accepted and nothing feels greater. I love my Daddies and brothers so much. I am truly blessed.


I didn't shoot as much this year as I wanted to. I wasn’t in a state to do such. I didn’t try as hard. No new pictures or promotions in 2014. I did a lot more appearances. I love interacting with you guys. If you want me to come to a club, bathhouse or venue tell me. 2015 I am shooting more. I have some scenes planned and as I said earlier this body is going to be 10s across the board. I want to impact the industry this year. I relented in 2014 but 2015 I am aiming to change things. I really want to see a change in porn this year. There needs to be a bigger and better presence of men of color in porn especially mainstream porn. Even as the country has socially progressed porn has gone back 10 years. No shade but the studios are all starting to look the same. I have a diverse taste and I am very eclectic. I want my scenes to reflect that. I was afraid to do kink on camera but this year I am going to take a note from Leo Forte and go for it. I am no longer that 24 year old twunk. I am going to explore more on and off camera. I’m bringing what I’m doing off camera to your screen. So expect bondage, puppy play, watersports and electro play in the future. Losing my last layer in 2015.  With a better body and more visibility this year will change for me.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Nov 24, 2014. A sad day in America

I honestly don't know where to begin. As I watch the Nutcracker on what is officially my birthday (November 25) I do not sense the usual happiness and elation that comes with the day. November 25 is normally a day of internal reflection because it can truly be a day about me. What I have accomplished in the past year, what I need to do in the future. A personal inventory. This year I have to put that aside and look at my country and whats happening in it.

So looking at my timeline on Facebook and Twitter I am seeing sweeping generalizations and absolutes so I want to discuss those first.

The Looters are not the same as the Protestors

A lot of people are asking what does a taking Jordans and iPhone 6 have to do with Michael Brown. The answering is nothing. These people are taking advantage of the of the situation and unrest in Ferguson. They are criminals with no moral compass or humanity in my opinion. Simply, they are scum. 

Rioting is not right but it does makes sense

Have you ever felt like you weren't being heard? Like you didn't matter? If you have didn't want to do whatever it took to have your voice heard. Would you not react radically to get attention. That is what is going on in Ferguson. These people, my people are screaming for their own country to hear them. I don't agree with it but I completely understand. When you are angry and out of options, your actions change. 

Race is still a matter in this country

I know a lot of people believe that in this post Obama election time that race doesn't matter anymore. It does. Nothing has changed. Racism (personal and institutionalized) is alive and well in this country. We can see it in small things such as gay porn (look at the division there) as well as seeing how the police view black men. I'm 28 and my mom still worries about me when I go out. Not for crime or making bad decisions but of what other people might do to me a black man. After Trayvon she would ask "you aren't wearing a hoodie? If so take it off when you enter a store". One of the first lessons my father taught me was to be careful of the police. Be careful of how I move around them and what I say. That I cannot appear to aggressive or have an attitude even when I know I am right because I'm at a distinct disadvantage, my skin color. This is the conversation black parents have to have with their sons at 12. To save their lives. TO SAVE THEIR LIVES. Black people do not trust the police because Michael Brown isn't the first one to die. Unfortunately most of the Black Community doesn't see them as their savior and protection. Its sad but true but its because some Police officers act as the enemy. I always feel tense when I get pulled over or if they even follow me. Those times of being racially profiled stick with you. When you feel powerless you don't forget it or the people that make you feel that way.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Summer of Fun

So with 2014 there were alot of changes in my life. I gained a great new job,I lost the person who collared me and has the most influence in my life. The person who pushed me and encouraged me to be the best me possible. It was rough and frankly it was a big piece of why I abandoned the blog (which I wont do again). I began to get out of Detroit (IML and World Pride). After those amazing events I decided to go to a new place this summer. Where to go, Bearweek in Provincetown of course!

I decided to go to BearWeek was completely by chance. I met a gorgeous, hung, muscle daddy (who will be referred as Big R) at the Black Party (did I mention he was hung). Since I was still with my the man who collared we kept it friendly, (we actually only made out with a little oral at our first meeting). After we broke up I expressed my desire to travel and he offered his place (so sweet of him) and said he'd be delighted to have me. So we tried to schedule it but I was already slated for IML, and World Pride with no vacation days accquired. He had plans too. Finally the best weekend for us was BearWeek. I had reservations though. Although the bears I know are super friendly would this be an event for me and would I be accepted. I'm almost competely smooth, and lean. I'm not a cub or even a Koala. Big R reassured me so I was excited to go, I've never been to P-town and always wanted to go. The week of I get largyngitis and cannot speak. It hits me  THURSDAY and I leave FRIDAY.. Needless to say I freak out and worry about how it will affect me trip (I mean how can I say fuck me harder or sit on my face). That Friday night he picks me up from the airport, since hes a doctor he tells me what I have and how to get rid of it. We drive from Boston to P-town and go to town. This man's piece should be worshipped and I go immediately to prayer. After that he tells me he has a boy who wants to play and who am I to deny so we tag team the guy.

The next morning after we fuck each other brains out (he's vers with a muscle ass) then zip off on bikes to the pharmacy. Everything in this town is done on a bike and I haven't ridden since 1998. I got the hang of it and we were getting my drugs in a heartbeat. After that we went to eat. Normally on trips I rarely eat because I'm super busy or I get this weird instinct not to eat because I know I will be getting touched by God later. Muscle Bears though will make you eat. Even when I wasn't hungry they made me eat and this pup couldn't be happier they put (good) weight on me. Hours later too I could speak a little. Saturday night the vacation really started.

In the afternoon after walking around and round 3 of the day we met of Big Rs friends, Daddy B. Daddy B was another hot muscle Daddy. After seeing our initial chemistry and needing rest Big R sent me with Daddy B. Later he joined and I had one of the best sexual experiences of my life.

What I loved about P-town (besides the amazing sex) was the environment of P-town. I normally travel to big cities (London, New York etc) it was nice to just chill and have fun. The bars close and 1 and everyone is so friendly. I also met two great men I consider friends and I look up too. They are sweet and caring. I can't wait until next year.

Pup at the straight beach

Pool Party

Big R

Part of the trek to the gay beach

again, more trekking

pool again

can you see me

the pup again

Daddy B ass